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Just gonna leave this right here


Just gonna leave this right here


"Dean, if you’re using my new camera to take pictures of my ass again, I swear to God, I’m leaving you," Cas threatens emptily.

He smiles into the pillow when Dean’s laughter follows the click of the camera shutter.

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Dean, bela, and ruby walk into a bar.

There’s no punch line because there’s no joke. I just want them to get together and share a beer and fries that ruby steals after she eats her fair share.

All three leave lipstick stains on their bottles.

They drive away on motor cycles.

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I really want dean and cas cuddling underneath a soft down comforter, the bunker’s air conditioning making the sheets cool and ruffling their hair ever so slightly in the breeze

and cas just can’t stop trailing his fingers over dean’s skin and staring in wonder. because in his millennia of existence, he’s never felt closer to heaven than he does in this moment.

dean’s freckles stand out on his skin, still flushed from earlier… when he had thrown cas down on their bed and ridden him until they both came, panting and sweating and tangled together endlessly.

dean’s eyes are bleary and stunning and beautifully green when he blinks them open slowly to find cas gazing down at him. he doesn’t flinch and cas suppresses a chuckle at how far they’ve come.

"come on, cas, don’t go sappy on me now" dean is rubbing his eyes and smiling a secret smile that only cas gets to see.

"I didn’t say anything." cas replies tracing a finger over dean’s cheekbone.

"you always get that look on your face when you’re about to say something sappy. last time you looked at me like that you said I had ‘galaxies on my skin’ and that you ‘could never hope to map them all,’ you great big sap." dean is smirking and there’s contagious laughter in his voice. "what were you going to say this time, huh?"

"I was thinking about ice cream, actually." cas lies, trying to keep a straight face. "I would like to eat ice cream in bed."

"you liar." dean is still smiling as he props himself up on his elbows. "you were just gonna stare at me until some appeared in front of you?"


dean looks away as a flush appears on his face. he bites his lip and smiles shyly to himself before turning back to cas and stroking his thumb along cas’ jawline.

"I’ll get you some ice cream, cas."

cas grins as he watches dean pry himself from their bed.

"you should put on some pants."

"shut up." dean throws a rogue pillow at cas’ face before pulling on boxers.

as he puts his hand on the doorknob he turns back to cas.

"you know that I - uh… I you know um, lo-“

"I was going to tell you that your skin in the warm light of this room is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. out of all the supernovae and nebulae in the entire universe from the beginning of time. you are the most beautiful."

dean stares at him in shock, mouth parted and eyes wide and sparkling.

"I also wanted ice cream though."

dean throws another pillow at him (cas isn’t sure where all these pillows came from), but he’s glowing with happiness. dean’s entire being is shining with happiness as he leaves the room to fetch ice cream.

"I love you too." cas murmurs after dean disappears into the hallway.

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[ Prompt: “How about some big brother Gabriel sass?” - from thehorneyofgabriel ]

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okay but I really like the idea of dean being super desperate for the touch of a man

like, dean getting so worked up because he’s spent so long trying to hide that side of himself and then feeling like he’s getting more gay every day because the more he thinks about sex, the less it appeals to him unless he thinks about having sex with another man

like, the older he gets, the more he wants to feel another cock, hot and throbbing against his own

he wants to know what it’s like to wrap his lips around another man’s dick until they hurt from being stretched wide

and oh gosh he desperately wants to know what it feels like to have someone come inside him… feel their cock twitch with release as they spill into him…

and the first thing dean is brave enough to do is buy his own dildo. and when he’s stretching himself open for the first time his cock gets so hard against his stomach and he’s leaking all over himself because he’s going to find out what it feels like to have a cock inside him.

and dean doesn’t make it very far because the excitement is just too much, and when he pushes the purple head of the dildo into his stretched hole he comes all over his stomach, thighs shaking with release.

and afterwards, when he’s lying on the bed all covered in come and sated, the first thing he thinks is how much he needs someone to fuck him

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cas thinking he can save dean’s soul and saying these sweet things like dean fight it i know you can and grabbing dean’s face and kissing him so desperately with all the love he has

when he leans back and studies dean’s face dean smiles tentatively and cas thinks it’s gonna be okay we can beat this

but then dean’s eyes go black

and he laughs and slams cas against the wall and kisses him again

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I got a hell of a lot more running through me than demon juice. [x]

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A Conversation with the cast of Supernatural

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